Candi Staton

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Suspicious Minds

de Suspicious Minds


You Got the Love

de You Got the Love

4:26À partir de Fr. 1.50

Count on Me

de Suspicious Minds


You Got the Love

de The Best of Candi Staton


I Fooled You, Didn't I?

de I Fooled You, Didn't I?

3:49À partir de Fr. 1.50


Candi Staton - Many Moods of Love
Candi Staton - Where Do We Go From Here?
Candi Staton - 传说 (Rerecorded)

Singles & EP

Candi Staton - I'd Rather Be an Old Man's Sweetheart (Than a Young Man's Fool) (Billboard Hot 100 - No 46)
Candi Staton - In the Ghetto (Billboard Hot 100 - No 48)
Candi Staton - He Called Me Baby (Billboard Hot 100 - No 52)
Candi Staton - I'm Just a Prisoner (Of Your Good Lovin') (Billboard Hot 100 - No 56)
Candi Staton - Sweet Feeling (Billboard Hot 100 - No 60)
Candi Staton - You Got the Love (UK Chart Top 40 - No. 3)