Mojo Watson

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Saturday Morning Regrets (Original)

de Saturday Morning Regrets


You Know You Don´t Want Me

de Savage Kick Vol.2, Early Black R&B Hipshakers


Moving (The World Keeps Moving)

de Moving (The World Keeps Moving)


Blues by Candlelight

de Blues by Candlelight


All Alone

de My Baby Left Me - Songs of Heartache & Betrayal



Mojo Watson - A Man Like Me
Mojo Watson - Blues by Candlelight
Mojo Watson - Sheila
Sheila Mojo Watson 2020
Mojo Watson - Moving (The World Keeps Moving)
Mojo Watson - Please Come Back
Mojo Watson - Pharmacological Society

Singles & EP

Mojo Watson - Saturday Morning Regrets
Mojo Watson - I Want to Make a Reservation
Mojo Watson - I Need an Everyday Love
Mojo Watson - On My Mind